Custom Services


The customer inquiry about the certain product according to the demand. After custom security seals manufacturer receives the inquiry, we will offer the product price. Then the corresponding

quotation will be sent to the customers according to their request.

Customization process 1

Identify customer needs through meetings, email or phone calls. Based on customer needs and bargaining, we will provide a security seal for the solution. Our designers draw on the needs of our customers, or customers can show us the samples of the security seals they need, or choose from our existing styles.

Customization process 2

Based on the solution in the first step, our team will prepare the materials accordingly. We will arrange the mold design first, and then give the customer 3D map or 3D sample, the customer can according to the sample, if there is any need to improve, you can communicate in time.

Customization process 3

When everything is ready, our sample team will start making injection molds based on 3D drawings. . The production steps of the safety seal are as follows: mold design, production of mold, mold production cycle is about 30 days. After the mold is finished, we will debug the mold. The actual sample is produced according to the mold. The customer then confirms the actual sample.

Customization process 4

Our sales team will check the sample quality, specifications, materials, etc. If the sample meets the standard, the print will be made according to the customer's requirements. Then send it to the customer.


Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.