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What is the ISO/PAS17712 standard?

Standard procedure for container mechanical seals introduced by ISO International Standards Organization - ISO/PAS 17712. This regulated procedure will help companies responsible for sealing operations to effectively address the sheer number of security and security challenges in transit.

Any container that adopts the ISO/PAS 17712 standard sealing procedure will be marked with a unique mark at the seal to ensure that it is sealed. In addition, the standard classifies the sealing procedure and uses different seal markings for containers that are received or returned. In order to strengthen the control of the sealing process and ensure the quality of the sealing operation process, the new standard divides the sealing into 6 steps:

1. Design all aspects of the sealing process;

2. The actual experience of the manufacturer;

3. Transfer of the shipper and the intermediate dealer;

4. Uniform normalization of sealing operations;

5. Management during the journey;

6. Preservation of after-sales data.

ISO/PAS 17712 provides the only universal container seal standard for international trade and is the sole publisher of such information. The World Customs Federation, the International Maritime Federation and the International Labour Organization have been recommended for the calibration of container sealing conditions. It is required to use sealing container "(meeting or exceeding) reaches or exceeds the" existing ISO / PAS 17712 in "(HIGH SECURITY SEAL) high security seal standard" seals.

The container seal is a lock on the container, but it can only be used once. After it is opened, it is broken and can no longer be used. There is a title on the top, which is unique. If the number on the container seal obtained by the customer is the same as the bill of lading, it means that the container has not been opened and the goods are intact. It is not a hoe, and the hoe refers to the printed mark of the goods, not the same thing.


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